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School Workforce Census 2023

The School Workforce Census will take place on Thursday 2nd November 2023.

Please click the buttons below to access current documents, files and filesets for the 2023 School Workforce Census.  Updates to the 2022 notes will be made as these are released by the DFE.

If you need any support or a copy of our completion notes, subscribing schools can contact us on 0116 231 8529 or via


Update 20/09/2023 - The new fileset has been released and this will be distributed today.  There have been no changes to last year's summary reports so the manuals that have been sent out are correct.

Update 26/09/2023

  1. Consolidated Database Patch 28383 was sent out on the 19th of September to your technical support.  This will need to be applied before you install the new fileset.  You can check the patch ID you are on by looking at the top of the screen via Routines|Statutory Returns|School Workforce Census.

  2. Fileset 2503 was sent out on the 21st of September to those people that do the PUPIL CENSUS.  You can check the version you are on by looking at the top of the screen via Routines|Statutory Returns|School Workforce Census.  This must be at version 2503 OR HIGHER. Fileset 2504 is available below


If both are present on your SIMS system, then you have the correct files for running the SWC.  Please contact the helpline if you need any support with this area.

  1. Fileset 2503 (and above) update the SWC Summary Report which was not available at the time of writing the original manual.  However, there were no changes to the Summary Report and the screenshots in the manual are correct.

  2. Following several questions regarding the new SLT field (see page 20 of our SWC notes), I asked the DFE for further clarification and how dates should be recorded.  The DFE are looking for anyone that is a member of SLT to have their membership active on census day, therefore the start date of their SLT membership needs to be on or before census day as a minimum.  The exact date is not required, but it would be logical to enter the start date and end date (if known), however this is not essential.  The DFE are looking for a True or False return and the actual dates are not collected.  ESS-SIMS decided on a date format instead of a true/false option.  The DFE only want to know someone’s status as of census date and it isn’t a problem if the start date is not precisely accurate, so long as they know the situation on census day.


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