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Secure cloud backup and data management service from Redstor for education and business

Protect your data with Redstor

Securely backup your SIMS, FMS and Discover databases to Redstor's multiple UK based data centres

Backup your Microsoft 365 data, including emails, OneDrive and Teams.  Despite the common misconception held by some,  Microsoft do not automatically back up data, instead opting for platform availability.

G Suite do not automatically back up data, instead opting for platform availability.  Would you be protected without a secure backup of your G Suite data?

Secure, regular, offsite backups of your entire server.

Redstor protects you from ransomware attacks which are becoming more common.  Simply restore the latest backup and carry on working.

Select the folders and file you want to backup, from a range of different servers, PCs or laptops.

Instantly protect live data at the click of a button ensuring protection from data loss without the need to pay for stand-by hardware or a disaster recovery site.

An expert in school data protection, Redstor offers secure, fully automated, backup, recovery and archiving services ensuring that data is encrypted at all times and help in highly secure, UK data centres and managed from a single interface.

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